Sunil Gavaskar responds to Anuskha Sharma: ‘Where am I blaming her?’

Sunil Gavaskar said he never blamed Virat Kohli's wife and Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma for Kohli's performance against KXIP.

Sunil Gavaskar responds to Anuskha Sharma: ‘Where am I blaming her?’
Sunil Gavaskar responds to Anuskha Sharma: ‘Where am I blaming her?’

Sunil Gavaskar clarified his comments on Virat Kohli's performance in the Indian Premier League clash against Kings XI Punjab, stating that he had never blamed Anushka Sharma and only commented on his social media videos.

In an India Today report, Gavaskar was quoted as saying, "First of all, I would like to say it again. Where am I blaming it? I'm not blaming him. I am merely saying that the video stated that he was bowling to Virat. Virat has bowled only during the locking period. It is a tennis ball, a fun game that people have to go through during lockdown. is that all. Where am I blaming Virat for his failures? "

He further said that he has always supported that wives are going on tour with husband. "You know me, I'm the one who has always batted for wives going on tour with wives. I'm the one who's going to the office for a normal 9-5 job when he comes back home, Then he comes back to his wife. Similarly, cricketers, when they go out for a tour or even when they are playing at home, why don't they think of them? "
"Because after their working hours are over, they have to go back to their wives like every other common man." So I am not blaming him. "

During RCB's clash against KXIP, Gavaskar was heard saying that Kohli spent time with Anushka during the lockdown and the batsman practiced against his bowling. He felt that the lack of practice was quite evident in Kohli's performance as he was chasing a challenging target of 207 runs.

In the commentary box, Gavaskar said: "Now there was a lockdown, anon on of Saraf Anushka's bowling practice, woo video deki hai (a reference to the viral video), used to be not a bit (recently she only practiced during the lockdown )) During Anushka's bowling, I watched a video. But that's not enough).

However, his comments did not go down well with cricket fans, as he criticized Gavaskar for calling him 'remark sexist'. Anusha reacted to the comment, calling it 'distasteful'.

Kohli, in a rare event, had an off day in the competition against KXIP. The India captain previously dropped KL Rahul twice, who went on to score a century in KXIP's innings and scored just one off the bat before being removed by Sheldon Cottrell. RCB lost their second match of IPL 2020 by 97 runs.